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DigitalCoach in one word gave me a lot of 'confidence' in the exam hall. I was always good at avoiding silly mistakes during exams. However, skipping hard questions is essential in negative-marked exams.
Ryan Ahmed, current student at IBA, Dhaka University
Ryan Ahmed
IBA BBA 28th Batch
DigitalCoach helped me track my daily progress. While doing that I could also identify my strengths and weaknesses after every practice session. This helped me immensely during my real exam.
Syed Samiun Mostafa, current student at IBA, Dhaka University
Syed Samiun Mostafa
IBA BBA 28th Batch
Exam strategy is one of the most important factor for timed and negative-marked exams. DigitalCoach unlocked both of these factors for me through their unique features.
Rafin Oli Khondaker, current student at IBA, Dhaka University
Rafin Oli Khondaker
IBA BBA 29th Batch
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The Mission Crew

Jawad Ibrahim
Jawad is a veteran teacher with over 7 years of experience. He honed his business acumen while a student at IBA, DU and realized that he was passionate about making a change in the education sphere that he loved and knew so well.
Proggo Pratik
Thrive’s passion is embodied by Proggo Pratik. He is a self-taught programmer, experienced teacher and a graduate of IBA, Dhaka University. He uses his unique place at the intersection of technology, business and education to bridge the gap between problems and solutions in education and at Thrive.
Junaed Hossain
Junaed is the other half of our dynamic front-end duo. He has the experience of leading teams through difficult challenges – a skill that is rare to find. He is keen to learn about new technology and will stick to a problem until the team finally cracks it.
Adrito Bari
Adrito was the first person to join us during our new wave of 2021. He was the fastest to get our thinking patterns and the problems we were trying to solve. His fluid intelligence and passion makes him an asset to any team.
Wahiduzzaman Hridoy
Hridoy gives designs life with his code. He is known for his clean coding skills and beautiful interface designs. His prior work experience in the EdTech industry of Bangladesh adds tremendous value to the team.Hridoy is a veteran traveler and is halfway through visiting all of Bangladesh’s districts.
Gias Uddin
Gias is our python maestro and loves building things that scale. He previously led a tech team at a fintech startup and brings a lot of experience from his personal projects. He also holds a business degree and likes to analyze business models in his free time.
Rafid Imran
Rafid is the glue that binds everything together at Thrive. His solid track record in digital services allows him to see how technology can be leveraged to solve the challenges that exist in the education system of Bangladesh.
Romesh Shil
Romesh is a problem solver. He is the expert our tech team can rely on whenever there is a new challenge to overcome. He is a true team player who always has his team’s back. Romesh has a passion for coding and you can find him on top of the latest developments in the engineering world.
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